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How to maintain CNC deep hole drilling machine
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In the deep hole processing operation is essential to use CNC deep hole drilling machine, with the deep hole drilling equipment now a lot of types, but in order to ensure that the long service life of equipment, and drilling effect is good to pay attention to the maintenance of equipment to go, so today on how to maintain this kind of equipment, let us reference.

First, no matter which type of CNC deep hole drilling should pay attention to the maintenance of the main drive chain, the need to regularly check the tightness of the main shaft conveyor belt to go, otherwise as the use of a long time, it is easy to appear in the deep hole processing because of slipping and lost, but also pay attention to the lubricating oil of the spindle. There is also a situation that needs to be noted is that the clearance of the tool should not exceed the range, the need to timely adjust the piston of the hydraulic cylinder to ensure that the clearance is small enough to go.

Second, also notice when using CNC deep hole drill ball screw thread vice maintenance, such as regularly according to machine is under adjustment screw thread vice axial clearance, to ensure that the reverse transmission precision and axial stiffness is no problem, but also pay attention to the screw regularly and lathe bed connection whether to loosen, the also need to deal with the even.

Third, should also pay attention to in the process of daily use CNC deep hole drill motor brush, generally is dc motor, brush once appear, the transition of wear situation will change in time, otherwise it is easy to affect the performance of the motor, and even loss of motor, as well as regular cleaning ventilation cooling system, regardless of whether they are installed in a dedicated control cabinet or other places, to ensure that the deep hole drilling and heat will not be affected.

Just science is CNC deep hole drilling and daily maintenance need to be aware of, because of the specific equipment model is different so the real maintenance work more complicated, it is recommended that see more deep hole drill with maintenance manuals, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal in the deep hole processing, once found abnormal will even deal with it.

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